Hi I'm Nyzarea, also known as Nola!

I am all that I was created to be. I am a fun loving, baking, singing, songwriting, dancing, God praising, kid who loves to encourage others to remain in faith and overcome anything that comes at them. 

I began baking cupcakes and cakes in 2017.  I started out doing it as a surprise for my mom and little brothers Osa and Issac. They really loved the cupcakes, especially the boys because they got a treat, and they love treats.  I went from making cakes and cupcakes to caramels and frostings. That's when my mom really noticed my talent and said that I should start my own business.  That is how Nola's Cupcakes was born.  You may ask why name it Nola's?  Well it's a combination of my first and last name.  Pretty cool right?  I have the best supportive mom any girl can ask for.  She always encourages me and helps with baking the cupcakes.  We recently added other items such as Fruitables, cheesecake and muffins.  All of the items created at Nola's Cupcakes is made with organic ingredients and made from scratch.  I've been working really hard to take Nola's Cupcakes further, and I know that with God, my mom, and brothers, all things are possible.  If you'd like to get to know more about me you can visit my personal website www.nyzarea.com